Pies Beef



Beef steak pies are made with 47% locally sourced beef, with a rich beefy flavour


Beef steak 47%, Gluten free flours [(rice flour, tapioca starch, chick pea (besan flour)], Gravy [(tapioca starch, thickener (1422), salt, rice flour, vegetable protein extract, colour (150c), vegetable oil, flavour, spice)], Non-hydrogenated vegetable oil and fat [( water, salt, emulsifier( 471, 322( soy derived), preservatives(2O2), acid regulator(330), antioxidant (tocopherols concentrate, mixed(307b)soy-derived)], Gravy [(tapioca starch (1412), salt, vegetable oil, hydrolysed vegetable protein ,colour (150c), rice flour, spices, flavour, thickener (1414 tapioca starch)], sugar, salt, pepper, raising agent(Sodium Bicarbonate) (500), glucona delta lactone (575)], flax seed, xanthan Gum (415),

Free From
Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Soy Allergens, Yeast, Egg & Nuts. Fructose Friendly

Allergen Warning
No Allergy Warning

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