Where do you deliver?

At this stage we can only deliver to these postcodes: 4000 to 4207 + 4300 to 4305 and 4500 to 4519. Feel free to call the bakery on (07) 3888 3289 to request a freight quote on delivery outside of these postcodes.

How much is shipping?

Online Retail Customers Only: Our minimum order is $50 for delivery. We have scaled our delivery fee based on your order. Our base delivery fee is $15, for $100+ of products it will cost $9.95 delivery and if your order is $200 or more you’ll receive FREE delivery.

How long should I reheat a meat or chicken pie?

If our pie is thawed, 10-15 minutes in a medium oven. If our pie is frozen, 40-45 minutes in a medium oven

Our pies can be reheated in a microwave but they are not as nice & crispy.

How do I best use the Pastry?

Remove the number of sheets required and thaw, covered on the kitchen bench.  The pastry needs to be at room temperature before use to ensure its fully flexible.   The pastry sheet should roll easily without cracking.  If it doesn’t, it is usually because it is too cold to use. When cooking with our pastry, sweet or savoury, be sure to create air holes in your products, or the filling will be inclined to bubble out.