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If you like beef pies with tomato and onion these will fill your heart’s desire with all the flavours of the tomato and the onion. All our beef is locally sourced locally, here in Queensland


Beef steak 28%, Tomato 11%, Gluten Free Flours [(rice flour, tapioca starch, chick pea (besan flour)], Gravy [(tapioca starch, thickener (1422), salt, rice flour, vegetable protein extract, colour (150c), vegetable oil, flavour, spice)], onion 3%, Non-hydrogenated vegetable oil and fat [(water, salt, emulsifier( 471, 322( soy derived), preservatives(2O2), acid regulator(330), antioxidant (tocopherols concentrate, mixed(307b)soy-derived)], Gravy [(tapioca starch (1412), salt, vegetable oil, hydrolysed vegetable protein ,colour (150c), rice flour, spices, flavour, thickener (1414 tapioca starch)], sugar, salt, pepper, raising agent [(Sodium Bicarbonate) (500),glucona delta lactone (575), flax seed, xanthan Gum (415).

Free From
Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Soy Allergens, Yeast, Egg, Nuts.

Allergen Warning
No Allergy Warning

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